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A creative gaming awareness program  for upper primary students.

Exploring the joys and risks of online gaming, and developing strategies to stay safe and disrupt potential links to future gambling harm.


FINALIST 2022 VicHealth Future Healthy Award

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The Bridge gaming awareness program

For all teachers and upper primary students, regardless of their knowledge or experience of online gaming.

The Bridge gaming awareness program is designed by Kids Thrive artists in partnership with industry experts, with and for teachers.

The program includes quality learning materials and intuitive program structure for easy use in the classroom

Explore the animated journey of a young person who becomes increasingly drawn into the online gaming world. Follow their journey from fun, healthy gaming to unhealthy gaming – risking all they treasure, including their relationships and personal wellbeing.

Learn how games manipulate our emotions and behaviours to keep us online spending time and money.

Discover and create strategies to manage gaming, keeping it safe and fun.

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Empower young people to think critically about online games, recognise signs of harmful gaming behaviour, and develop strategies to manage their activities.

Equip educators with the knowledge, resources and tools to support young people to develop positive online gaming habits.

What will students learn?

  • How games play tricks to keep us playing longer and spending more
  • The ways gaming affects the brain making it hard to stop
  • How excessive gaming can affect our health and wellbeing
  • The elements in games (such as loot boxes and social casinos) can lead to financial losses and familiarity with gambling
  • How to develop personal strategies to keep gaming safe and fun

What’s included in the package?

  • Animated videos to engage students in a child’s online gaming journey
  • Engaging discussion starters

  • Fun kinaesthetic learning activities

  • Strategies for managing gaming and keeping kids safe

  • Detailed lesson plans with all lessons linked to Victorian curriculum domains (levels 5 and 6)

Module 1

Explore effects of gaming on physiology, mental health and wellbeing.

Module 2

Explore elements of online games designed to keep us engaged, spending money and time.

Module 3

Explore potential risks of ‘crossing the bridge’ from fun to excessive gaming.

Module 4

Develop personal strategies to keep gaming safe.

The Bridge gaming awareness program helps  identify if online gaming changes from a fun, safe activity to one that could be damaging to a student’s health, wellbeing and personal relationships. It supports students to develop strategies for change.

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