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Programs and resources

to inspire and empower children to lead personal and social change


The Bridge

Interrupting excessive gaming for upper primary. Aligned to Victorian curriculum.

Kids as Catalysts

Building leadership and resilience for upper primary. Aligned to Victorian curriculum.

Involving children’s voices in decision-making

Empowering schools, agencies and governments to consult and collaborate with children.


Curious Questions Cards

Printable prompts for practicing the skills of conversation.

Buzz, Challenge Discovery Cards

Printable prompts for sharing experience of a day or event.

Compliments Card

Printable step by step guide to giving and receiving a compliment.

“Over the past two years, I’ve had to juggle working from home and remote learning with a primary school aged child. We purchased an iPad for learning and then had it ‘babysitting’ our child while I was in Zoom meetings. I know she has been exposed to online gambling and increased habits for gaming now. I feel very bad about it, like most parents I know and have spoken with. The Bridge is a brilliant idea and I hope we have the opportunity to use a program like this to help navigate our way out of the online hole we all fell into”.


“Social connection, and a sense of belonging and purpose for young people will help establish and maintain hope for the future. What better way to find solutions for social change for our future generations than to engage the brilliant minds of the young people in our community. This program The Bridge allows young people to demonstrate their strengths and will assist us to overcome the challenges we all face in these uncertain times”.

Dr Stephen Spencer (PhD)
Clinical Director EquiEnergy Youth

Kids Thrive is Victoria’s leading arts and community development organisation nurturing child-led social change.

Kids Thrive partners artists with specialists in children’s education, health, welfare and social justice to create ground-breaking programs promoting child-led change, and cultivating positive celebrations of diversity in schools and other child-friendly locations.


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