Curious Questions


Prompts for practicing the skills of conversation.

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Download, print on card and cut into 7 cards.
Use this power deck to encourage children to expand their communication from transactions and reports to conversations with the magic super power of being curious, asking questions.

How to use Curious Questions cards

1. Fan them out or spread them out face up in full view of children. Some teachers even blu tac them in a line along the edge of the whiteboard so children can see and refer to them at all times.
2. When teaching or having a conversation, encourage children to come forward and pick up a question they want to ask. e.g., ‘HOW do I do this?’ or ‘WHEN did this happen?’ or ‘WHY do you care about this?’ or have a CALL TO ACTION – ‘Can you please do that again?’

Stand beside the cards and point to them. ‘Do you have a Curious Question to ask?’ And go through each one.

The CALL TO ACTION often comes after asking questions and is a directive to get action as a result of curiousity e.g., (CURIOUS QUESTION) ‘WHAT do you want me to do? (CALL TO ACTION) Can you please show me again?’

For trauma-informed teaching or interactions, point to the card, name the color of it and say the word written on the card so it can be visually associated with what is being said.  (POINT) ‘Let’s ask the yellow question, WHY does a sentence need a full stop at the end?’

Any team / classroom can improve its health and happiness by asking Curious Questions. Try setting up a culture of confident curiousity and feel the protective and defensive behaviours fall away.