Buzz, Challenge, Discovery cards


Prompts for sharing experiences of a day or event.

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Download, print on card and cut into 3 cards.
Use this little power deck to encourage children and groups to share their experience of a day or event.

Buzz is an exciting moment.
Challenge is something that felt uncomfortable, and may have been overcome…or not.
Discovery is a new understanding.

For example…
‘Today my buzz  was when Loli scored a goal for our team.’
‘Today my challenge was when we did maths. I’m confused.’
‘Today my discovery was that if I ask for help, I can learn more.’

How to run a Buzz, Challenge, Discovery moment.
Families can place the cards in the middle of the table at meals, or have them by the bedside as a last sharing before sleep.
Teachers and group facilitators can place these cards in the middle of a circle or meeting table.

  1. Ask ‘who’d like to share a buzz, challenge or discovery?’
  2. Take it in turns to pick the card to support what happened today that you want to share.
  3. Once shared replace the card so others can pick it up to share their experience.

These can be used as stand alone mini sharing, or as foundations for further conversation and inquiry.